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One of the Most Popular Pages on Church Websites: The Pastor’s Page


Creating a page for the pastor is an important aspect of Building a Rockin’ Church Website.

Typically included in the “About” section, the pastor’s page may be the first introduction your church guests have with your pastor and spiritual leader of your church.

At both churches I’ve served at, one of the most visited pages on each site was the pastor’s biography page.

Your guests want to know who your pastor is and what he is like.

Here are some ideas to include on your pastor’s page(s):

  • Welcome – This could be as simple as a 250-word letter or a 3-minute video introduction that allows your guests to experience your pastor first-hand.
  • Biography – Not just nuts and bolt of education, age and tenure, but “warm” elements including family information, hobbies, favorite books, recommended books, etc. I’ve seen more and more church sites including this information, specifically church plants.
  • Sermons – Include a link to the location of your pastor’s recent sermons on your site. [Here' my tutorial on sermon podcasting!]
  • Photo – Don’t forget a portrait photo, or even a family photo. I think family photos are best.
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