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Top 25 Most Innovative Churches: Outreach


Outreach Magazine recently released another excellent list — the Top 25 Most Innovative Churches. Many of these churches are also among the Fastest Growing Churches list also by Outreach.

Here’s the top 10 (plus a couple more) from the list with some commentary from yours truly:

1. LifeChurch No surprise here really. Their main campus is about 3 whole miles from my dwelling place. I’ve watched them do some incredible, edgy, out of the box stuff. Here’s my post on 8 Lessons Learned from their recent site.

2. Granger Community Church Again, no surprises. I think of them a lot when I think of “innovative churches.” Tim Stevens, Tony Morgan and Kem Meyer all participated in my Blogging 101 for Pastors series. Check out their Q&As. I’ve wanted to attend Kem’s Communications Workshop for a year now and just wasn’t able to make it. I’ve had the good fortune to interview both Tim Stevens and Mark Beeson for and loved it. I was telling someone the other day that “Granger gets it.” It seems like they’ve brought in the all-stars for ministry and freed them up to fly! Go, Granger, Go!

3. North Point Community ChurchI read Andy Stanley’s Communicating for a Change and it was really inspiring to me and humbling. I really appreciate and respect his communication style.

4. Fellowship Church Again, Andy Stanley and Ed Young are the young, hip leaders. I’m happy to know they are helping set the pace for the next generation. Attending a FC service is on my to-do list as they’re only about 4 hours from me in OKC.

5. Mosaic Church I’ve heard from a friend that Erwin McManus is the real deal. I believe it. Love his communication style. And by the way, Mosaic’s website uses WordPress! WOW!

6. Seacoast Church Don’t know much about Seacoast other than they use blogs as part of their communications method …

7. Community Christian ChurchAgain, don’t know much. I emailed Dave Ferguson for my Blogging 101 Q&A series but didn’t hear back.

8. National Community Church Personally, and I am entitled to my opinion, right?, but I think they should be higher on the list. I have not heard a pastor so involved, interested and engaging in regards to using technology and marketing for ministry as Mark Batterson. His blog is HUGE. Tons of feedreaders. And I thoroughly enjoy hearing him and reading him talk about ministry. He puts things in ways that helps me communicate hard concepts (marketing) to other people.

9. Mars Hill Church“Strategic chaos” is a phrase Mars Hill pastor Mark Driscoll uses in his excellent book Confessions of a Reformissionary Rev. When everything got good with his church plant, he shook things up — strategic chaos. That’s bold, baby!

10. New Hope Christian Fellowship O’ahu Don’t really know much about this church other than the name of the pastor — Wayne Cordeiro.

Others I’m familiar with on the list:

15. Redeemer Presbyterian ChurchTim Keller is one of my favorite pastor-teachers to listen to. Incredible insights on being missional. And he’s reaching young people in NYC.

16. Healing Place ChurchThey’re using technology, like Dino’s ROCKIN’ COOL blog site, in a beautiful way. In fact, their church website and Dino’s blog are one of the neatest in the biz (I mean ministry!).

17. The JourneyNelson Searcy is an up-and-coming (if not already there) church innovator. I’ve mentioned their free book offer a bunch of times and that’s just the tip of the iceberg for this innovative church, which was started right around 9/11.

18. Saddleback Church It’s Saddleback. Need I say more? I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with and Purpose Driven. Great bunch of people!

23. Radiant ChurchAwesome website … see their Q&A in my Building Rockin’ Cool Church Websites here.

[Thanks to Kent for the link!]

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  1. Shawn Wood says:


    The staff at Seacoast Church is honored to be a part of this list and really don’t know how innovative we are when you look at the other awesome churches on this list.

    As our Senior Pastor says “necessity is the key to innovation”.

    I would love to give you any other info into the mind of Seacoast if you think it would help your blog readers in any way. We are 100% focused on reaching the communities of our campuses and 100% focused on giving away anything we learn for free.

    Just as a heads up – your readers can vist and download any resources that we have made for free.

    Thanks for all your work helping churches reach people through the blogosphere.

    Shawn Wood
    Creative Communications Pastor
    Seacoast Church

  2. Hi Cory-

    Are you sure Dave Ferguson got your email? He’s really really good at talking to just about anybody who wants to talk to him. I’ll let him know that you tried, ok?

    Thanks for the mention.

    Tim Sutherland
    Teaching Team Leader
    CCC/NewThing Network

  3. Hi Cory, Your blog is aweseom and thanks for the plug. Tim Sutherland sent me an e-mail telling me that you tried to e-mail me and didn’t get a response. It’s my goal to respond personally to everyone who e-mails me. I did a quick search for your e-mail and nothing came up. I’m not sure what happened but I’d like to make it up to you by sending you a free copy of our new book, The BIG IDEA. (That is my attempt at a bribe!?!) It comes out Februrary 1st and this will be the first one I’ve given away. Keep up the great work. Your partner in the cause! Dave

  4. Lena says:

    Check this out!!!!!!!! The most edgy church that I know of.

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