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The Websites of the 50 Most Influential Christians in America


I thought it’d be neat to check out the websites of Church Report’s 50 Most Influential Christians in America.

Each name is linked here to the website or blog I could find for them, with some commentary from me. And since I’m a fan of blogging for ministry purposes, I’ll note when they have a blog.

1. Joel Osteen

2. Billy Graham I met his grandson Will Graham at Midwestern a while back when he came to speak in chapel and was extremely impressed. He’s the real deal. And I look forward to seeing how God uses his grandson in the year to come.

3. Bill Hybels Named also one of Time’s 25 Most Influential Evangelicals.

4. T.D. Jakes

5. James Dobson I’m extremely impressed at how huge of a publishing ministry that Focus on the Family is. They’ve got some incredible magazines, like Plugged In.

6. Paul Crouch

7. Joyce Meyer

8. Leonard Sweet I’ve enjoyed reading some of his books like Postmodern Pilgrims and I’m looking forward to checking out his upcoming book The Gospel According to Starbucks. He’s edgy, sometimes makes me uncomfortable the way he says things, but I appreciate the tension.

9. John Piper I adore his passion for both the Word but also for the Mission. He’s a prolific writer and blogs (or at least has some content up) at The Resurgence. Check out the 2006 National Conference where he had Mark Driscoll and Tim Keller among others speaking.

10. Rob Bell I admire his communication style … it’s not one I could pull off, but I appreciate it. Check out his NOOMA videos.

11. George W. Bush Pray for him and our leaders.

12. Erwin McManusLove his communication style. And would relish the opportunity to visit his church soon. A friend of mine who interviewed him for a story said he’s the real deal, very authentic.

13. Robert Schuller

14. William Franklin Graham III Of course Franklin Graham and Samaritan’s Purse go hand-in-hand. I had the opportunity to help with a Festival in Tulsa a couple years back. I was impressed with the organization of it and the prayer and evangelistic efforts that go into a Graham evangelistic event. See also this USA Today story called Billy Graham’s Son Takes the Pulpit, His Own Way.

15. Luis Palau

16. Rick Warren Keep an eye on his P.E.A.C.E. Plan

17. Chuck Colson

18. Paul Crouch Jr.

19. Paula White

20. Andy StanleyHis book Communicating for a Change is one I’ll go back and reference for years to come. He’s an outstanding communicator.

21. Joni Eareckson Tada A person that really needs no introduction. Inspiring.

22. Harry Jackson

23. Dr. Al Mohler OK, I’ve been waiting to highlight a prolific blogger on this list and here he is. The word is he devours books like they’re actually a part of the food chain.

24. Anne Graham LotzI’ve heard that the Grahams say she’s the real preacher in the family. :-)

25. Jay Sekulow Wow, he made Business Week.

26. Ed Young Jr.Anybody attending the Creative Conference in February? I’m making plans to go as I haven’t been to Fellowship Church yet.

27. Chuck SwindollOne big ole booming voice!

28. Dr. Jack Hayford

29. Tommy BarnettHis church has one rockin’ website.

30. Marcus Lamb One on the list I had actually near heard of …

31. Dr. Richard LandSouthern Baptists voice for “faith and family.”

32. Charles Stanley

33. Max Lucado He must just wake up writing books … how does he do it?

34. Bishop Eddie Long

35. John Maxwell

36. John Hagee

37. Dr. James Kennedy

38. George Barna Perhaps the most quoted statistician in the church.

39. Rod Parsley

40. Jerry Falwell

41. Sam BrownbackThe second politician so far on the list. I know his name because I heard it a lot when we lived in Kansas City.

42. John MacArthurI own more books by him than almost anyone else. His study Bible was instrumental in my early days as a believer. I found him online and printed off probably 1,000 pages of sermons and read them.

43. Dr. John Vaughan The ultimate list guy! It doesn’t surprise me he’s on this list. He’s helping keep track of the “megachurch phenomenon.” I appreciate his work.

44. Beth Moore

45. Michael Slaughter Surprisingly, he’s another one I haven’t heard a lot about.

46. Phil VischerThink Veggie Tales. And he’s using WordPress for his blog.

47. Dr. Frank Page President of the Southern Baptist Convention.

48. Creflo Dollar

49. Cardinal Theodore McCarrick

50. Frank Sommerville

For the full list, along with a short bio, see the Church Report.

Note: If I’ve got a website wrong, please indicate it in the comments, or send me an email. Also, by linking to these sites I do not necessarily endorse them, their theology, or their choice hair gel.

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  1. djchuang says:

    Ahem, so only 2 of the top 50 most influential Christians blog? Is the moral of the story: if you want to be influential, don’t blog? :)

  2. Cory Miller says:

    DJ, thanks for pointing that out … I sure hope not.

    But I think if you look through that list a LOT of those people already have national platforms (TV, writing books, massive churches, etc.).

    Their issue with blogging is probably (I’m guessing): time. And also the reality that they are influencing a lot of people already through their current platforms.

    The guys I think about though who are making some great use of blogging aren’t necessarily on that list … like Perry Noble, Gary Lamb, etc.

    One advantage of blogs is it GIVES you a platform in the first place. And a cheap one at that (compared to TV rates especially). And you have access to millions of people.

    With all this being said, those 48 other people on the list COULD be using blogs to EXPAND their platforms! I wish more would.

  3. Armen says:

    The problem is, that if some of them where to blog they would drain the information that they have dry and then not be able to publish it as half the world may have already it through their blogs. Well, I’m not saying that that is definately the case, but it could be.

    Another thing – there are really some names up there that I doubt are even saved. I’m not gonna mention them here, but some of their words and actions are so unscriptural that I can’t see how they have experienced true saving grace (and no, I’m not solely speaking of George Bush).

  4. Timothy Fish says:

    It was mentioned in another comment that only 2 of the 50 blog. This does not suprise me. I have seen information that indicates that more people have tried blogging and dropped out than maintain an active blog. In my opinion, blogging is a way to allow the masses to have a website. Blogging sites divorce the content from the software framework of a website, so a person doesn’t have to be tech savy to have a presence on the web. All of the 50 have at least one website. I doubt any of them are maintaining their own websites. If a person has the resources to get his message out without having to touch the keyboard then I would not expect him to have blog unless he wanted to use it to stay connected to his audience. I doubt it is an issue of time, but most of them don’t want to take the time to maintain a blog. People have time to do what they want to do. That is understandable. I don’t care to take the time to maintain a blog either. I prefer fulfledged websites to which I publish articles, some of which might seem like blog postings and can control all aspects of the site. If I had the money, I might pass the majority of the work off to someone else. Some people seem to like to blog and that might explain the two bloggers on the list.

  5. Hi Cory. Awesome list! I added your link to .

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