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How to Do Online Registration Forms for Your Church: The Easy, Affordable Way


Here’s the problem: Most churches (at least the ones I’ve been involved with) want to leverage their church websites to offer easy, online registration forms for things like Precept Bible studies, or other discipleship classes, or new members classes, etc.

Most youth ministers are probably drooling just dreaming about having all their multiple signups at the click of a mouse (summer camps, discipleship weekends, need I say more?).

Here’s the solution: Or at least the cheapest, easy one I’ve found. It’s called Icebrrg and is one of many great products offered by a superb web design company located in Oklahoma City called Element Fusion.

By the way, if you’ve taken the 2007 Christian Bloggers Survey, you’ve already used Icebrrg. [Note: Tim at Element was gracious enough to provide use of an account for the survey. Thanks, guys!]

Icebrrg comes in several paid packages, but the best one is FREE!

Although the free account has limits, I think most smaller churches could use the Icebrrg free account to host or create ALL their online registration forms.

Just this week, I bought the $9 Cruiser account for my church, which gives you 10 separate forms and 500 entries to those forms a month.

Let me just say … that’s a bargain. When I told my youth minister about it today, I think his jaw hit the ground with all the potential.

In fact, I use a free Icebrrg account for my logo design and website design questionnaires.


>> A polished system for offering online registration forms — There’s no need to do any kind of coding if you didn’t want to. Just sign up for a free account and test it out for yourself.

>> Surveys — Do a first impressions survey with it, or something fun like testing your senior adults on their Bible trivia.

>> Order forms for sermons, booklets — All the forms can be sent to an email address you specifiy while also be stored in an Excel-type spreadsheet that you can download and print.

>> Host your forms on your site or on Icebrrg — After you create your form, it gives you the code to cut and paste to your blog or church website … or you can simply link to your form on Icebrrg.

>> Price — Seriously, if you don’t want to find a programmer to help you do your forms … and just want to use a turnkey, online, easy system, Icebrrg is a bargain. The best thing about Icebrrg is it’s billed monthly to a credit card. Start out with the free account and when you think you’ll go over it, bump it up to Cruiser for $9, then change it back when your event or activity is done.


Ready for a laundry list of stuff? Here it is … Upward Basketball and Cheerleading signups, men’s banquets, women’s retreats, youth discipleship weekends, sermon tape and CD orders, guest ‘first impression’ surveys, website contact forms (if you don’t want to put your email on your site for spammers to harvest) …. OK, you get the drift here.


>> It’s cheap.
>> It’s easy to use.
>> Most churches might get by with just the free account.
>> Some churches right now might be pulling their hair out trying to figure out how to create an online form by themselves, when the solution is right here waiting for them.
>> Element has graciously allowed us to use it for the Christian Bloggers Survey and I want to say ‘Thanks!” And maybe Tim would buy me a Cafe Americano at Starbucks if at least 20 of you sign up for an account. :-)
>> There is at least one site doing this for the same price (free and cheap), but I choose to use Element’s products because Element is owned by fellow Christ-followers, most of their employees are Christ-followers, and they all create great products. (No gratis needed for that one!)

But really, honestly? It’s just a cheap and easy way to do online forms for your church. :-)

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  1. Cory Miller says:

    Gus, thanks … I was using Wufoo before Icebrrg, but choose Icebrrg because I know the creators of it, they have just as good of a product for the same price, and they are fellow believers — all reasons I didn’t mention Wufoo. :-)

  2. jazay says:

    But icebrrg is a carbon copy of wufoo, not even the alignment they have bothered to differentiate, its not nice to steal a product

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