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5 Questions on the Emerging Church with Dr. Mark DeVine


Ariel had the excellent thought of doing a short Q&A with Midwestern Seminary theology prof Dr. Mark DeVine, who happens to be one of my dearest friends from my blessed days at MBTS.

Here are the five questions on the emering church.

If you want a balanced, conversative opinion on the emerging church “discussion” or conversation … please take the time to read through the good Doc’s Theology Prof blog.

I’ve told Dr. DeVine this in person and also by email and I want to say it publicly now … he’s making invaluable contribution to this hot, or better yet, FIERY topic.

I would never seek to speak for him … but I think what he’s attempting to do in this whole debate is to contribute a well-informed, thoughtful and discerning, balanced and reasonable look at the emerging church.

If, and I hope you are, having conversations about this topic in your church … I’d like to give one thought to take into those discussions about the emerging church: One size doesn’t fit all.

In other words, don’t lump all so-called “emerging types” together. Putting them all into one simple box is a disservice to those who love Jesus and want to make a difference in the world.

So before you do … go get a primar on this topic from a solid, Bible-believing, Jesus-loving, Ph.D., former missionary, Southern boy … who has a side-spllitting sense of humor …

Dr. Mark Devine, my friend, I am praying for you! Thank you for helping us wade through this discussion with grace and truth.

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