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Top 10 Rockin Cool Church Websites

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Check out Tutorial Blog’s Top 10 Church and Religious Websites …. some of these have been featured or profile here before, but it’s worth a look as it’s making the rounds on social networking sites like

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Check out Edmond’s First Baptist Church’s newly redesigned website.

I love their Guests section on the home page … easy to find and clickable.

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ben arment reston community church easter

I really enjoy reading Ben Arment’s History in the Making blog.

Besides his rockin cool church website (snapshot above) … here are a couple of things I saw that compelled me to post:

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This is a guest post by Kirk Longhofer who blogs at Technopraxis.

By now, just about everyone in the church marketing world has seen the new billboard campaign from Our esteemed host posted on them earlier today. Props to Cory for allowing me disagree, sort of.

Cory and I are in agreement on a few things! I agree that if I saw these billboards, I would run home and check the URL. I’m sure any other marketer, holy or heathen would, too! Anybody who’s heard of Lifechurch probably would.

My question is this. Would someone in OKC who’s not in tune with what the cool churches are be that interested? What about someone in Las Vegas who’s never heard of LifeChurch. Will it penetrate the post-modern, “not terribly interested in church” brain?

I’m not so sure. I think stories are more effective than gimmick. I’ve got a few more thoughts and an example over at Technopraxis.

LifeChurch will certainly get a lot of buzz out of the campaign. no question. But will the buzz resonate with people who haven’t thought about going to church recently? Or will it just buzz with church folks, many of whom have hotbutton reactions to the mere mention of LifeChurch?

Only time will tell. I hope they are overrun with new folks! More than that, I hope they share the results of the campaign down the road.

Kirk Longhofer blogs at TechnoPraxis.

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LifeChurch is continually raising the bar and on the cutting-edge of using technology and marketing.

Check out their latest venture and rockin’ website called Satan Hates Life.

Also, here are the details about the campaign that is hooked into billboards (snapshots here and here).

My two cents … what a concept! Look at those billboards. If I saw this, I’d rush home and check out the site immediately. And I think it communicates well.

[Found via ChurchRelevance]

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